Area Rug Cleaning in Pleasant Grove

Have the colors of your once-vibrant area rug faded over time? Are there noticeable stains from accidental food spills? Has your area rug started to hold onto unpleasant odors? If so, it’s time to invest in a quality residential or commercial rug cleaning service.

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Gordon's Carpet Cleaning’s Outstanding Rug Cleaning Services

You’ll notice the difference when you choose my carpet cleaning services over any others. Not only will I leave your rugs looking and smelling fresh, but I also promise impressive customer service. From your first phone call to the final inspection, I aim to provide a service you’ll enjoy.

To make sure your rug gets the care and attention it deserves, I always start with an inspection. During this time, I’ll look for discoloration, wear, stains, prior damage, and colorfastness. The last one is especially important since it refers to the color’s resistance to fading and running. I want to make sure your colors stay sharp and vibrant.

Personalized Residential Professional Rug Cleaning

By inspecting your rug beforehand, I can choose the best procedure for your rug. Generally, the service includes the following steps:

  1. Tumbling: Dust and dirt accumulate on your carpet daily. When people walk on the rug, these particles get lodged deep in their fibers. By using professional equipment, I dislodge these particles without having to beat the rug. This protects it against damage.
  2. Spot-Treating: Nothing ruins the look of an area rug quite as much as a glaring stain. Using quality products, I can treat even the most persistent spots.
  3. Cleaning: Depending on the type of rug, I will follow a variety of precise cleaning methods, including rug shampooing and steam cleaning. The goal is to penetrate the fibers for the deepest clean possible.
  4. Rinsing: To remove the cleaning products, we then rinse the rug thoroughly.
  5. Grooming: I will groom your rug and restore its texture. During this stage, I can also remove any pet and human hairs that have accumulated. We devote extra attention to the fringe.
  6. Drying: I will use a combination of machines and climate-controlled environments to speed up the drying process. Moisture breeds bacteria and mold, so I strive to provide a drying time that lasts less than a day.

Exceptional Commercial Rug Cleaning Results

I take pride in the exceptional results I consistently provide my clients. To ensure quality services, you will always get the final say. If you’re not satisfied with the results, let me know. My work is only complete when your expectations have been met.

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When it’s time to invigorate the look of your area rug, it helps to choose a qualified expert. Refresh your space and highlight your rug’s natural beauty. What’s more, you will love how plush your rug feels beneath your feet!

I only use high-end equipment, I have years of training under my belt, and comprehensive area rug knowledge. If you want the best professional rug cleaning, then contact me now!

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