Organic Carpet Cleaning in Lehi

Gordon's Carpet Cleaning’s mission is to combine effective carpet cleaning with organic solutions. I don’t just believe in carpet cleaning, I believe in carpet care. Protect what matters to you. Get beautiful, clean carpets and rugs without the use of toxic chemicals.

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Pure Residential Organic Carpet Cleaning Makes a Difference

Sure, harsh chemicals clean. But at what cost? If the products you’re using to clean your rugs leave behind sticky residues, they’re not really clean at all. That’s equally true if they irritate your children and pets.

My time-tested pure organic carpet cleaning services only use natural ingredients. These detergents contain no ammonia, no synthetic compounds, and no toxic chemicals. This means you and the people who matter to you can enjoy your space without worrying about your carpets.

Organic Commercial Steam Carpet Cleaning by Gordon's Carpet Cleaning

Hot water extraction or steam cleaning is a great way to remove dust particles and soil buildup from your commercial carpets. I use a combination of hot water and organic shampoos to loosen bacteria and grime from the carpet’s fibers. Then, using high-end machinery, I extract the detergent and most of the water, leaving your carpets clean and free of residues.

The process is highly effective and improves the look and health of your space. Since my cleaning products are completely safe, all you need to do is wait a short time for your carpet to dry before getting back to business!

Organic Carpet Cleaning for Your Delicate Rugs

Natural fibers can shrink if exposed to hot water. They also fade if you use harsh chemicals to clean them. Regular vacuuming helps reduce particle buildups, but only professional care delivers noticeable results.

Organic carpet cleaning is the best method to clean delicate rugs and carpets. My non-abrasive cleaning products dislodge dirt without damaging the integrity of the weave. See the results for yourself!

Organic Carpet Cleaning Company Can Prolong the Life of Your Rugs

I offer only the highest quality carpet cleaning solutions. My sustainable products are effective at removing dirt, allergens, and bacteria. And that’s all without damaging the fibers of your accessories. Each of my organic cleaning products is safe for use around children, seniors, and pets.

My compounds also create a barrier over the fabric to improve your rugs’ resistance to stains. Combined with routine cleanings, they extend the life of your carpets. They also help you maintain a healthy environment. I am happy to tell you more about the many advantages of choosing organic treatments!

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I offer personalized steam organic cleaning services. If you want an expert who brings care and attention to the work they do, you don’t have far to look.

Each project gets my undivided attention for an unbeatable customer service experience. I deliver quality results using sustainable products for impressive and sustainable results. Enjoy lasting treatments that make a difference.

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