Furniture Cleaning in Lehi

When your sofa, ottoman or kitchen chairs lose their freshness, call in Gordon's Carpet Cleaning. I offer a full-service furniture cleaning system. I can restore your furniture’s look with ease and eliminate unpleasant odors.

I believe in providing a lasting clean. The vast array of organic protective coatings I offer help preserve your furnishings. Fight dirt, stains, and tears with one of my exceptional treatment plans. I guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the results.

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Gordon's Carpet Cleaning Is the Furniture Steam Cleaner You Can Trust

Using hot water extraction techniques, also known as furniture steam cleaning, I’ll remove dirt and stains from your upholstery. Despite what the name suggests, there’s no actual steam involved. Since I won’t be dousing your upholstery, your furniture will be usable just hours later!

I also offer protective coatings that extend the life of your furniture. Shield your space against future spills and dirt buildup! It’s a fantastic investment for the future of your property.

Fabric Couch Cleaning for Your Home

Fabric furniture filters the air you breathe. In doing so, it also accumulates dust, allergens, bacteria, and body oil. Professional couch cleaning is essential to maintaining a healthy home environment. By trusting in my experience and expert knowledge, you can enjoy furniture that looks and smells its best.

My service begins by examining your fabric couch to determine the best course of action. Linen, polyester, and cotton all have their own unique cleaning needs. My goal is to achieve the results you want with practices that are safe for you and your furniture.

Sofa Cleaning for Your Commercial Property

Sofas, chairs, and ottomans demand special attention. Although some sofa fabrics don’t absorb stains as easily as fabric, which makes them perfect for commercial spaces, they still accumulate dirt, dust, and allergens. What’s more, over time, it’s exposure to spills will inevitably increase.

My commercial sofa cleaning both purifies and cleans. Designed especially for commercial fabrics, these products remove particle buildup for pristine results. I am ever careful to remove the cleaner once the job is complete to make sure no residue remains. Then, using safe heating technology, I will apply a protective coating if you wish. This last step protects your fabric that little bit more!

Furniture Protection

Want long-lasting protection? Talk to us about our fabric barrier coatings. This protective treatment prevents dirt and other particles from accumulating in your furniture. Guarantee your furniture stays clean long after I’ve left!

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Gordon's Carpet Cleaning combines effective products with years of experience. I begin each project with a detailed assessment after which I’ll provide you with a detailed estimate. When working in your space, I try always to do so with the utmost care for your environment and safety. With my special attention to detail, you’ll enjoy an immediate transformation.

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