Carpet Restoration in Lehi

Commercial and residential carpet restoration is an intensive cleaning process. In many ways, it’s a rescue mission to repair damaged and soiled rugs. It can be necessary after natural disasters, like a flood. It’s also essential if the rug hasn’t received regular cleaning for some time.

Gordon's Carpet Cleaning can bring back even the most far gone carpets, using a combination of industrial-grade machinery and chemical solutions. I will help you set up a maintenance plan and show you what to do to make sure such restoration isn’t necessary for the future. If you have a rug in need of repair, trust Gordon's Carpet Cleaning to do the job right! Call (801) 368-0140.

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Carpet Restoration Services by Gordon's Carpet Cleaning

Carpet restoration might seem like a simple process on the surface. A bit of carpet stain remover, a needle and thread, and voila! In fact, the steps to restoring a carpet are actually much more involved than that. Thankfully, Gordon's Carpet Cleaning has mastered the process.

Rugs are an important element of a room’s decor and need to be treated as such. Damaged carpets need deep cleaning, to make sure your property looks and smells its best. I will use powerful hot water extraction machines and special stain removal chemicals. Not only that, each service is personalized to the client’s specific needs based on a detailed initial assessment. Every carpet undergoes rigorous inspection before and after the treatment.

Professional Residential Rug Cleaning

Only certified experts can make carpets look good as new. Wrinkles, ripples, burns, tears, and fraying edges all demand professional expertise. If a pet or furniture piece has torn a hole in your expensive Oriental rug, Gordon's Carpet Cleaning can manually reweave the affected area. With an eye for detail and an array of yarn products, I’ll carefully match the colors to the best of my abilities, so no one will ever suspect there had been a tear! I am also capable of providing stretching, re-fringing, and color restoration services.

Expert Commercial Water Damage Cleaning

Flooding, a broken pipe, unruly appliances—all three can result in devastating water damage for your business. Walking into your property only to find inches of water is an emotionally taxing experience. The best thing to do in this situation is to act fast and protect your investment


One of the most important phone calls you will make in this situation is to Gordon's Carpet Cleaning for carpet restoration expertise. I’ll show up as soon as possible to manage the situation and dry your expensive carpets. The top priority is to prevent mold growth, which ruins their look and endangers your health. Even if you don’t see mold, it doesn’t mean it hasn’t grown deep in the carpet’s fibers. Prolonged exposure can cause devastating health issues.

If your carpets have experienced water damage, have Gordon's Carpet Cleaning come and inspect them right away. Call now to schedule an appointment!

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