Area Rug Cleaning in Alpine

Gordon's Carpet Cleaning knows your area rugs are an important investment. Maybe they have been passed down in the family and have sentimental value. Or maybe you carefully selected one to add the perfect pop of color to your room. No matter where they come from, these expensive additions to your decor have a huge impact on your space. When they get dirty, people can tell.

I provide safe, cost-effective commercial and residential rug cleaning services. When your area rug accumulates dust, dirt, and stains, all you need to do is give Gordon's Carpet Cleaning a call. We’re confident you’ll enjoy the effective, affordable results we provide.

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Gordon's Carpet Cleaning Is a Professional Rug Cleaning Company

There are so many types of area rugs that it can sometimes be hard to know how best to approach cleaning them. Using the wrong products or techniques can damage the fibers and ruin their integrity. This can have disastrous consequences over time. It may even demand expensive restoration or replacement.

When you invest in a quality rug cleaning service, you choose professionals backed by knowledge and experience. As an expert, I will assess your rug and determine the appropriate cleaning technique. From wool rug cleaning to steam cleaning, I’ll see to it that the job is done right. I take pride in my superior service. Whether you own an antique rug passed down from generation to generation or a contemporary synthetic rug, I will make sure it looks great!

Get Regular Maintenance with My Residential Rug Cleaning Service

Routine maintenance is the secret to keeping your area rugs looking gorgeous year-round. My professional recommendation is to vacuum at least once a week to prevent dust build-up. Every six months, flip over your area rug and vacuum the back. Doing so not only protects your rug but also the floors beneath it!

Commercial Rug Steam Cleaner

If someone spills food or drinks on your rug, it’s important to clean the mess right away. Steam cleaning can prevent the stain from setting and ruining the look of the piece. If you notice there’s too much liquid that you need a few cotton towels to clean it up, it’s time you called Gordon's Carpet Cleaning. If too much liquid sets in, there’s a risk of mold growth. This not only ruins the look of your rug, but it can also be harmful to your health.

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When it comes to protecting your investment, you want to hire a qualified professional. I give each rug the appropriate time and attention, so you’ll get results that make a difference. By using state-of-the-art equipment, I’m capable of removing dust, debris, and allergens to keep your rug lush and vibrant. This process also improves the air you breathe. From stain removal to wool rug cleaning, Gordon's Carpet Cleaning is the team to turn to in Alpine.

What’s more, I pride myself on being honest and easy to communicate with. I offer no-obligation estimates, and don’t believe in hidden fees.

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