Get Your Tile & Grout Sparkling Again


One of the most difficult and time consuming household chores around is keeping your tile and grout clean. Grout requires a lot of time and detail oriented work to ensure it stays pristine. Without proper care, your grout can accumulate mold and other residues. Often times, your tile and grout are in kitchens or bathrooms where there is a greater likely hood of moisture as well as heavier foot traffic.

With typical household cleaning products, there is actually a greater likelihood of leaving residues on the surface that can attract even more dirt than before the cleaning.

Gordon’s Carpet Cleaning uses high powered, professional grade equipment designed to scrub away the grime and leave no residue. We always use environmentally friendly solutions to loosen the dirt and clean not only on the surface but deep within the crevices that are otherwise not cleaned.

The result is a sparkling and clean surface.

Benefits Of Professionally Cleaned Tile & Grout:

  • Gives you brand-new looking floor
  • Eliminates mold and bacteria
  • Improves the look of your home
  • Does not damage the tile or grout
  • Provides deeper clean than household cleaners
  • Extends the life of the tile and grout
  • Maintains the value of your home's finishes
  • Gets the job done quickly


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